LATEST - Terry Pratchett's Jungle Quest DVD

LATEST - Terry Pratchett's Jungle Quest DVD

LATEST - Terry Pratchett's Jungle Quest DVD Click to enlarge

09 Apr 2015

In 1994 best-selling author Terry Pratchett travelled to the rain forests of Borneo to meet orangutans in the wild. 

Following the very sad news of Terry Pratchett’s death TV6 is hoping to resolve the copyright problems surrounding the DVD of this iconic film, so that those who wish to see it again may do so.

The film of Terry Pratchett's journey to Borneo, shown on Channel 4 in 1995, was described by Sir Alec Guinness as ‘the best thing on the box this year’. Terry Pratchett’s Jungle Quest included a sequence where Terry encountered the enormous male orangutan Kusasi.

It was this meeting which prompted Terry to return to Borneo in 2013 in the hope of meeting Kusasi again. Sadly this second quest was unsuccessful.  Many suspect that Kusasi may now be dead.

TV6 has produced a DVD of the original film, with part of the proceeds going to The Orangutan Foundation who are still working to protect the species as their habitat is progressively destroyed. Sadly copyright problems have prevented this DVD being issued, but we are now confident that these difficulties can be overcome.


April 2015

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