The Harem of the Sun King

The Harem of the Sun King

In 2011 a team from the University of Basel made two astonishing discoveries in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. By chance they came across a new tomb that was the first to contain a body since the discovery of Tutankhamun.

Then they discovered that the tomb beside it, which had never been excavated before, held the bodies of around 50 people. But who were all the people in these two linked tombs?

Building Pharaoh's Chariot

Building Pharaoh's Chariot

Early in the Egyptian New Kingdom, more than three and a half thousand years ago, a technological revolution took place in Egypt.  The chariot arrived.

Over the next few hundred years the Egyptians built the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Was the chariot their secret weapon?

The Solomon Treasures

The Solomon Treasures

A series of extraordinary finds comes to light in Israel, but not all these discoveries are quite what they seem.

Official investigations are revealing that apparently priceless objects are actually fake, and Israeli archaeologists fear that history and science is being repeatedly distorted. 

King Solomons Tablet of Stone

King Solomon’s Tablet of Stone

A few years ago, a remarkable stone tablet mysteriously turns up in Israel.  It appears to come from the Temple of Solomon.

The tablet is an archaeological bombshell. But as scientists and scholars study the tablet they discover another more sinister mystery hidden within the stone.

Egypt Live Secret Chambers revealed

Egypt Live: Secret Chambers revealed

Live from Giza, Dr Zahi Hawass and a team of engineers  explore the mysterious southern shaft within the Great Pyramid.

A state of the art robot traverses the length of the shaft to drill through a blocking stone at the end and reveal what lies beyond.  And Dr Hawass opens Egypt’s oldest intact sarcophagus…

The Mystery of the Persian Mummy

The Mystery of the Persian Mummy

An extraordinary mummy is discovered in Pakistan. The body is  believed to be that of a Persian Princess 2,600 years old.

As scientists investigate, the mummy begins to reveal a terrible secret, a secret that turns this archaeological triumph into a modern murder hunt. 

Private Lives of the Pharaohs 3 x 60

Private Lives of the Pharaohs (3 x 60’)

Three remarkable stories from Egypt following leading experts as they use new forensic techniques to uncover some of the greatest mysteries of the Pharaohs…

What was the significance of the blue lotus flower one can see everywhere in the nobles’ tombs? What can the bodies of two foetuses found with Tutankhamun reveal about the end of the 18th dynasty? And what can the tombs of the pyramid builders tell us about who built the pyramids and how?