Landscape Mysteries (8 x 30’)

1.   In Search of Irish Gold

Spectacular hoards of gold objects show Bronze Age people in Ireland had large amounts of the precious metal.  But where where did they find it all? Aubrey sets off across Ireland in search of a lost Irish Eldorado.   

2.   Figures in the Chalk

Who carved the chalk figures into the downs of southern England, and when?  As Aubrey explores the history of the chalk landscape, his search for answers takes him back through thousands of years of human settlement.

3.   Britain Before the Ice

What was the landscape of Britain like before great ice sheets last covered the country at the height of the ice age?  A 29,000 year old male skeleton found in a Welsh cave is Aubrey’s starting point in a journey back in time.

4.   Secrets of the Flood

Objects found In the waters of the Solent show that people once lived in a landscape that is now covered by the sea. Aubrey sets out to uncover the secret of this flood – and his investigation takes him all the way to Scotland.

5.   The Tower People of Shetland

In Shetland a series of monumental but mysterious stone towers, called Brochs, once dominated the landscape.  Aubrey hunts for answers to the questions of who built the towers, when they did so, and most of all why.

6.   The Abandoned Marsh

On the Romney Marsh in Kent, there are ruined churches in the middle of fields, and tales of towns lost at sea.  Searching for what happened to these lost communities, Aubrey uncovers an extraordinary series of disasters.

7.   The Riddle of the Yorkshire Tracks

Strange grooves in the rocks on the North Yorkshire coast are the starting point for Aubrey’s quest to understand what took place on this deserted coastline. He discovers the answer has shaped the whole landscape we see there today.

8.    The Terraces of Avalon

On the sloping sides of Glastonbury Tor are a series of mysterious terraces. Could they even be fortifications built by King Arthur?  Aubrey investigates both the terraces and the myths, and discovers a link he hadn’t suspected.