Talking Landscapes (6 x 30’)

1.   The Weald

What’s the secret of the wooded landscape of the Weald? In search of answers, Aubrey discovers ancient furnaces in the woods, and boards the Mary Rose and Nelson’s Victory to reveal the full story of Wealden timber.

2.   The Pembrokeshire Coast

Has the sea affected how many people shaped this now remote landscape? Clues from the flight of an arrow, to  along Irish script and ancient standing stones, reveal a long history in which this coastline was not remote at all.

3.   The Yorkshire Dales

How have generations of Yorkshire families made a living from the bitter winds and stony soils of the Dales? Aubrey journeys high on the hillsides and deep underground to discover the key to this harsh landscape.

4.   The Fens

Is this flat, drained farmland a completely man-made landscape? Aubrey goes in search of the last remaining piece of undrained fen, and bumping along in the Landrover discovers prehistoric hills.

5.   The Cairngorms

Could this be the last truly wild landscape in Britain? Looking for the ancient Caledonian forest, Aubrey uncovers a landscape that’s now disappeared, and the Victorian secret at the heart of the Highlands.

            6.    The Vale of Evesham

            Has modern farming wiped away the history of this classic English landscape? On the ground, Aubrey discovers the clues to an Anglo Saxon revolution, and takes to the air in search of what came before.