Fireball of Christ

In AD312 the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed he saw a mysterious light in the sky which convinced him to convert to Christianity – and so changed the history of the world. Now scientists believe they may have tracked down the source of this mysterious light.  

A team of geologists have identified a crater in Italy which they think was produced by the impact of a previously unrecorded meteorite.  The discovery could explain not only the story of Constantine,  but might also provide an explanation for a local legend which recounts how members of a pagan cult were overwhelmed by a light in the sky as bright as a second sun. The cult too immediately converted to Christianity.

All these claims have been dismissed as nonsense by other geologists who think the ‘crater’ is just a man-made lake to provide water for livestock.  But in the local town of Secinaro the mayor likes the idea that his town could be the site of one of the world’s few known impact sites, and gathers together a team of international experts to try to come up with an answer.

 Shot in HD.