Stone Age Columbus

Stone Age Columbus is the tale of one of the most epic journeys in human history.  Scientists now believe that a European people crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the harshest conditions the world has ever known, and discovered America.   But these were not explorers, Vikings or adventurers.  They were men, women and children.  And they did it 15,000 years before Columbus, at the height of the Ice Age.

 The issue of who were the earliest Americans is one of archaeology’s great mysteries.  It was long believed that an Asian people, known as the Clovis, had crossed a narrow land bridge linking Asia to Alaska.  They must have come this way, because America was otherwise surrounded by oceans.   With them they brought a fearsome weapon, a spear point of exquisite design, which they used to wipe out all the great beasts of the ancient world like the mammoth.   

Now, new evidence is blowing this theory apart.  Mixing hard science with classic story-telling, TV6 reveals that it was a European people that brought that legendary weapon to America.    They came across the Atlantic Ocean, 17,000 years ago, braving blizzards, pack ice and conditions of extraordinary cold.