Engineering for the World

1. Wind Energy

Wind energy will help the UK obtain 15% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2015. Engineers explain how a site is chosen; how wind turbines are transported to the site and built; and how they work to produce electricity for the national grid. 

2. Solar Power Plants

Enough sunlight falls on the earth every minute to meet the world’s energy demands for an entire year. Engineers at a solar plant in Spain explain how they can harness that energy, and hope to make it a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

3. Nuclear Fusion

Engineers at JET in Oxfordshire explain how nuclear fusion could provide us with energy for thousands of years with relatively little radioactive waste. A Greenpeace spokesman, however, warns of the dangers and long development period.

4. Making an Electric Shaver

Braun engineers explain how an electric razor works, and the innovations incorporated in the latest shaver designs. We see the different stages of manufacture from design to mass production.

5. Making a Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers, large and small, are everywhere. Engineers demonstrate the principles that make any speaker work, and the components inside them. We also see how the speakers are tested before being despatched.

6. Making a Lawnmower

Ian Smith, a design engineer at Flymo, demonstrates the principal components in a hover-mower, and explains what they are for, and how they work.

7. The Gotthard Base Tunnel

In Switzerland the world’s longest, deepest tunnel is being dug. Surveyors explain how they are employing electronic systems to build the tunnel in sections, and the engineers reveal a new method which allows them to recycle the rubble excavated into the concrete used to build the tunnel.

8. The Synchrotron

The size of 5 football pitches, the world’s biggest microscope produces x-rays 100 million times brighter than the sun to examine materials. A number of engineers from different disciplines explain both how they constructed this enormous machine and how it works.

9. Use of the Synchrotron in the Aerospace Industry

Engineers are using x-rays from the synchrotron to probe metal components under stress and see how they deform. This allows them to modify the components to make them lighter and stronger, which helps Rolls Royce to produce more efficient and reliable aero-engines.

10. Innovative Water Features

Jim Doyle at WET Design in Los Angeles explains how their new Volcano fountain at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas uses innovative design to combine fire and water in a stunning display with music.

11. Designing Roller Coasters

Engineer Greg Bryant explains the important issues to be considered when designing a roller coaster. He discusses the forces acting on someone on a roller coaster, and explains the need to consider safety and comfort whilst maintaining the thrill of the ride.

12. Formula 1 Car Design

Formula 1 teams have to redesign their cars every season to meet the latest regulations. Engineers explain some of the innovations going into the latest cars – including the KERS system. Shot in HD. Clips are between 4-6’. Distributor: TV6

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