Better by Design (6 x 30’)

1.   A Better Airline Seat

Does economy have to equal discomfort? Richard & Dick aim to take the sardine element out of economy airline travel. But international airline Swissair will only look at a new economy seat if it is no bigger then existing seats. Richard and Dick’s solution is surprising – but will it convince Swissair?

2.   A Better Alarm

Current burglar alarms are complicated to set and are plagued by so many false alarms that even the police tend to ignore them. Richard and Dick come up with a completely new approach to home security. It’s an ingenious idea on paper – but will it work? And will UK alarms go for it?


3.   A Better Razor

The cold steel of traditional wet razors has left many men bloodied and sore. But, electric razors give such a poor shave that 80% of men still prefer the tedious chore of the daily wet shave. Richard and Dick are determined to crack the problem. Will High Street retailer Boots go for it?

4.   A Better Trolley

All of us have suffered from the shopping trolley with a mind of its own; impossible to steer and likely to veer off on its own, running away with the shopping. Richard and Dick get inspiration from the world of the sports car, but will Sainsbury’s be equally inspired?

5.   A Better Bin

They’re smelly, they’re ugly, they gather slop on the lid, and emptying them ranks among the messiest, nastiest jobs in the world. Leading bin manufacturers Plysu are proud of their bin design and are convinced that it can’t be bettered. Can Richard and Dick prove them wrong?

6.   A Better LifeJacket

In the Estonia ferry disaster Paul Barney nearly died because of problems with current lifejackets. As Richard and Dick discover for themselves, lifejackets can be confusing in a drill situation, never mind in the panic of a disaster at sea. Can Richard and Dick come up with something better?