Designs on Your... (3 x 60’)

1.   Designs On Your Bra

What can two product designers, more famous for the Intercity 250 and the cordless kettle, bring to the perfumed world of lingerie? Charnos, one of the UK’s top lingerie manufacturers, have invited them to help come up with a real innovation in bras for the growing number of bigger busts.

2.   Designs On Your Loo

The WC first arrived in our homes 200 years ago. And it hasn’t changed since. Richard and Dick are convinced it’s time for a radical rethink of this most unglamorous of products. But will Shires, toilet makers since 1939, agree that it’s time for a change.

3.   Designs On Your Car

As our cities get more and more clogged with traffic, a new approach to the town runabout seems long overdue. In Norway, a small company is about to launch an electric car. Can Richard and Dick help them overcome the ‘milk float’ image, and come up with something which is better in the city, and sexy too. 

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